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Developing Together

By sharing how we do our work and by learning about how you do yours, we are all better equipped as partners to deliver your organisation’s ambitions.

Working With You

Organisation design needs come in many forms, but the different aspects are not always recognisable, understood or addressable by the people who identify them.


At Kanso we remain humble and curious about how we can improve, we are always in pursuit of developing ourselves and believe that we have as much to learn from and with you, as you do from us.


We consider you to be our colleagues – exchanging our design expertise and access to our tools and networks, with your organisational knowledge and experience – in a powerful learning partnership, where you can improve your knowledge and build your own capability, and where we can enhance the breadth and depth of our propositions and toolkits.


As a result, we will leave you with a clearer picture of your design opportunities, greater understanding about what good design looks like, and stronger capability and self-sufficiency to deliver and sustain it.


Examples Of Our Work

Examples of our work 1
Examples of our work 2
Examples of our work 3
Examples of our work 4
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