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Enabling Ambition

Our goal is to enable you and your colleagues to use organisation design to activate your enterprise’s strategic goals.

We offer an end to end design service to help you identify the case for change right through to implementation and evaluation of your design project, or if you need support with upskilling your OD capability, we have training courses to suit

1. Organisation Design.jpg

Designing the organisation units: structures, team sizes, roles and ways of working

2. Operating Model Design.jpg

Using a “whole system approach” to design the organisational model for your enterprise or specific units

3. Organisation Effectiveness & Efficiency.jpg

Unlocking sustainable effectiveness and efficiencies, to elevate customer value

4. Role Architectures & Career Frameworks.jpg

Linking org design to org development, to optimise the return on talent investment

5. OD Capability & Development.jpg

Training, coaching and design of your OD approach 

6. Workforce Planning & Organisational Agility.jpg

Developing robust workforce plans, systems and practices to align resources to changing priorities

Whether it’s a small restructure or a strategic operating model reboot, the first step is to know how your organisation design project will contribute to your overall ambition. 

We listen, question and challenge, to build confidence that your plans are aligned to your short and long term priorities, and then work hard to uncover conflicting priorities and opinions, and connect related opportunities. 

We will provide clarity on your organisation design challenge, options for how it can be solved, and confidence that the solution will contribute to your organisation’s strategic ambitions. 

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