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Enabling Ambition

Our goal is to enable you and your colleagues to use organisation design to activate your enterprise’s strategic goals.


We offer an end to end design service that can help you identify the case for change right through to the implementation and evaluation of your design project

Whether it’s a localised organisation restructure or a strategic operating model reboot, knowing how your organisation design initiative will contribute to your organisation’s overall ambition is the starting point for any design.


We listen, question and challenge, so that together we can be confident that what you are seeking to do is appropriate for your short and long term priorities.


When doing this, we aim to read between the lines and look beyond your immediate lines of sight – identifying competing/conflicting priorities, uncovering overlapping thinking and connecting related opportunities.


As a result, you will have clarity on the organisation design challenge, options on how it can be met and confidence that the solution will contribute to your enterprise’s strategic ambitions.


Our Services

Organisational Diagnostics

We will work with you to assess the current state of your organisation, give insight on the change needs and priorities, and identify the potential benefits of organisation design intervention.

OD & Change Leadership

We will work with you to provide robust leadership, governance and assurance of your organisation design and change.

Organisation Design

Using client OD frameworks or leveraging our own best practice operating model-led approach, we provide an expert resource to develop the end to end organisation design with you, from strategic visioning right through to implementation planning.

Implementation Oversight

We will work with you to deliver your organisation design changes efficiently and effectively, delivering benefits, managing risk and maintaining design integrity.

Design Assurance

We will work with you to evaluate the effectiveness of your implemented organisation design, testing its effectiveness, assessing achievement of benefits and providing insight on corrective actions or potential additional value.

OD Capability Development

We will work with you to develop internal OD capability, supporting recruitment and developing the OD skills of your employees and leaders.

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