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Team of Industrial Engineers

Designing & Implementing your enterprise OD approach

We can enhance your capability to deliver impactful organisation design projects by helping you to define your organisation’s internal approach, principles and tools, and then embedding them to realise long-term benefits

Designing your Organisation Design Approach

We'll collaborate with you to define and tailor a strategic approach for tackling your current and future organisational design challenges.

Our service includes:

  • Whole-system design, including people, process, technology

  • Creating a comprehensive design process, fit for your organisation

  • Principles and tools to deliver your design interventions effectively

  • End-to-end roles, responsibilities and decision-making criteria​

  • Choosing appropriate resource models and approaches, from business-self-serve through to business partner led and full, centre-of-expertise enabled models

  • Defining key interfaces with HR, Finance and other enabling functions 

Implementing your Organisation Design Approach

We will help you develop and deliver a stakeholder engagement and  management model that includes:

  • engaging with your leaders to ensure they understand and endorse your design capability and approach and can get the most value from your service offering

  • working with your practitioners and stakeholders to help them best utilise tools for finding design opportunities and to execute interventions that drive the intended outcomes

  • partnering with your colleagues in HR, change, systems and other enabling functions to ensure your design approach is fully understood and adopted

We will also help to identify opportunities to further enhance the maturity of your design capability, such as rolling out additional training or developing a roadmap of changes that ensure sustainable, long-term value. 

Discuss your ideas with us

If you're interested in learning more about our organisation design services, click below to get in touch.

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