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OD & Leadership Training

Tailored operating model, organisation design and organisational leadership interventions and training

Our day-in-day-out OD delivery – combining market trends, tried and tested theory, innovation, diverse experiences and real-life examples – gives us breadth and depth of insight into how best to elevate your OD capability. We align our curriculum and delivery to your needs, complemented by simple, impactful material, delivered by actual OD consultants with engaging facilitation and training skills.

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Capability Upskilling & Training

We define learner pathways (cohort, sequencing and timeline) and provide case study led training that can be tailored to your organisation's specific needs 

OD Foundation & Practitioner

2-day classroom training course

  • Designed to equip participants with a broad, yet rich understanding of organisation design and its strategic implications in today's dynamic business landscape

  • Integrates theoretical knowledge with practical applications, ensuring participants gain the skills needed to navigate and contribute to organisational success through effective OD practices

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the concept of OD and its connections with other methodologies (e.g. operating model design)

  • Understand the key stages and activities in best-in-class organisation design approach & methodology

  • Explore and apply key OD tools and templates to real-life examples

  • Recognise how OD aligns with the broader transformation agenda (i.e. organisation strategy)

  • Create confidence for future engagement in OD projects

Strategic Workforce Planning Foundation

Half day virtual or classroom training course

  • Foundational course, crafted to empower participants with essential knowledge and skills for initiating Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) within their organisational context

  • Delving into core principles, methodologies and hands-on approaches, participants will discover how to:

    • Utilise data analytics for well-informed decision-making

    • Systematically tackle hurdles related to each stage of the SWP process

    • Deliver practical strategies for a successful implementation journey

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand SWP: Principles, Methodology & Approach

  • Execute the use of data analytics

  • Explain what makes SWP different to other types of workforce planning 

  • Describe the purpose and key activities of each stage in the SWP process

  • Understand some of the typical complexities and how to manage them

  • Understand some of the practical considerations in determining how SWP works best

People Transition & Change Management Foundation

Half day virtual or classroom training course

  • Provides participants with the knowledge and skills to lead successful transitions

  • Covering legal frameworks, cultural dynamics and project management, the course includes aspects such as employee representation, distinctions between Trade Unions, and legal variations across sectors and global contexts

  • Emphasises the human side of change, exploring behavioural objectives, the significance of organisational culture, and leadership roles

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand employer relations and laws around people transition (e.g. ER, Trade Unions, M&A laws)

  • Understand the relevance of leadership, culture, talent management and upskilling in people transition

  • Be able to implement a successful project set up, including understanding:

    • Strategies for successful project setup

    • Managing risks and mitigation strategies

    • Tools to support successful transition

Best Customised
Training 2024

All our training can be tailored to your organisation's specific needs. In addition, if you can't find what you're looking for, we can also provide bespoke training in:

  • Whole system operating model​

  • Job architectures and skills​

  • Career framework​s

  • Organisation efficiency & effectiveness​

  • Linking org design to org development​

  • Mergers / demergers​

  • Designing for digital / data / agile​

  • Business function specific OD


Book a Training Course

If you're interested in booking tailored training for your team, please click below to contact us to discuss your options.

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