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Services to Build Your
OD Capability

Combining market trends, tried and tested theory, innovation, diverse experiences and real-life examples to elevate your OD capability

Training Needs Analysis & Learner Journey

  • RAPID / RACI ​

  • Define learning outcomes aligned to specific client context (e.g. growth, new customers / markets, new products, new capabilities, cost reduction)​

  • Define opportunities for continuous learning (e.g. shadowing, design quality & assurance)

  • Bespoke OD Expert training to empower professionals with the knowledge and skills to drive impactful change, by challenging pre-defined OD concepts to trigger innovative, adaptive thinking, enabling your team to connect the dots between OD, SWP and People Transition & Change to drive effective and impactful workforce transformation

OD Methodology
& Rapid / RACI

  • Define an internal org design methodology​

  • Covers people, process, technology and key interfaces, including HRIS and other people / org system capabilities​

  • Define the “Client Way” of delivering OD​

  • Define the principles and tools to support OD interventions across the organisation

    • Self-serve – functional business management led change

    • On-demand – organisation change via workforce analytics and ER / IR – small scale transformation

    • Full partnership – larger scale op model / org design transformation (e.g. via OD Centre of Expertise)

OD Operationalisation

  • Partner with HRIS and other people / org system developers and super users to leverage toolsets across the OD operating model and the “Client Way” to support insight into OD opportunities and execution of OD outcomes​

  • Engage business areas / leaders in the OD methodology / service / CoE offering

All ​our services can be complemented by tailored OD training, including courses such as OD Foundation & Practitioner, Strategic Workforce Planning Foundation, and People Transition & Change Management Foundation. 


Discuss our Services

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