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Who We Are

We are accomplished organisation design experts, with a shared desire to deliver the best outcomes for our clients and meet the demand for flexible, skilled organisation design resources.

We enable your ambition by focusing on customer and organisational value, simplifying complexity, and developing in partnership.


Our people share our Kanso spirit and care deeply about the client experience - they are passionate about partnering to co-create and deliver great results for our clients.

Trusted Experts

Our colleagues are expert practitioners who are able to build trusted partnerships that will last. Ultimately, their success is measured by the repeat business that we generate.

Passion & Hunger

Our colleagues need to have a passion and hunger for learning that encourages us to be great at what we do, as well as motivating our clients to be inquisitive, and learn about their organisation and the practice of organisational design.

Confidence & Integrity

We look for people with the confidence and integrity to demystify the practice of organisation design for clients, making it accessible and understandable and innovating our approaches, methods and tools.

Our People

Our Colleagues

When selecting our people, we don’t just consider what they can do, but how they do it. Our talented colleagues are a flexible blend of permanent employees, fixed-term contractors and associates.


Here is a small selection of the great people that work with us:



Business Manager

Allison Fincham.jpeg


design lead

Raman Guttridge photo_edited.jpg


Principal Analyst

Veri (Veridiane) M. Meireles Yoshioka.jpeg



Lucy A-H 2024_edited.jpg


Associate Designer

Cristina Fujiname .jpeg



What's In A Name?

Kanso is about creating simplicity – eliminating clutter to express ideas and achieve clarity in a simple, natural way. For us, this is the essence of great organisation design.


However, simplicity is not always simple to achieve. In organisation design, the route can often be complex and the final answer may not be perfect or ever fully complete.

We believe the moment you deliver your target design is often the moment you need to start evolving it. That’s why Kanso’s brand is represented by a version of a symbol known as the Enso circle. Enso symbolises enlightenment, strength and elegance – all great traits of simplicity and strong design.


However, Enso is also about recognising that in the pursuit of Kanso (simplicity), change will be continual (the circle), is not always perfect (the non-uniform circle) and that you need to allow for potential, growth and renewal (the incomplete circle).


This is how we at Kanso have always experienced, and always strive to deliver great organisation design.

Join the team 

If you're interested in joining the Kanso Team, please click below for details of our open roles.

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