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We design organisations
that work better

Via purposeful operating models, structures, career frameworks and workforce planning

What is Organisation Design?

Organisation design involves a range of methods that align the capabilities and structure of an organisation to its strategy, which can be applied at enterprise, business unit or team level

Is your organisation striving to be more efficient and effective?

Are you aiming for growth - through customers, acquisitions or new capabilities?

Are new ways of working or competition for talent impacting your agility?

Do you want to enhance your team’s capability to enable delivery of your organisation’s strategic objectives?


Creating Value Through Great Organisational Design

Great organisational progress is rooted in great organisational design. Successful businesses have strong foundations - a clear vision, strategy, business/operating model and structure. Effective businesses maintain these foundations - and their customer value - through regular replanning, readjustment and redesign.


Enabling Ambition

From strategic visioning right through to employee experience, go beyond basic boxes and wires to ensure your organisation design truly contributes to your enterprise’s strategic goals.


Keeping It Simple

Tap into our extensive, diverse experience for the right design approach to meet your needs, so we can focus together on what really matters and where the value really lies.


Developing Together

Merge your deep organisational knowledge and experience with our organisational design expertise, tools and networks into a powerful learning partnership that transforms your internal OD capability.

Organisations We Have Partnered With

What do our clients say about us?

 "Kanso integrated into our teams, ably respecting their availability and time commitments, whilst still delivering the outcomes to budget and on time."

"My experience of working with Kanso was hugely enjoyable.  Every member of the team brought great OD skills and a collaborative approach that worked really well with our internal stakeholders."

"they brought amazing amounts of ‘can do’ attitude and thought deeply about how to respond to our challenge in the best way possible."

"Their experts understood our requirements and culture and came up with a solution that provided just the right mix of good practice, technical rigour and pragmatic advice."

"Great to work with the team at Kanso on setting our team up for success. You delivered a project at pace, quickly understanding our challenges and opportunities."

"Kanso is the best third party company I have worked with.  This is down to the way in which they partnered with the business, operating like an extension of our team to collaborate and build commitment to the design outputs."

Ready to find out more?

To discuss how we can help address your organisational challenges or build your skills for the future, please get in touch - we’d love to work with you.

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